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Frequently Asked Questions and Guest Comments
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Tree Tops Bungalows

Do you recommend TREE TOPS for my elderly friends and relatives?

We have noticed that some of our more mature guests don't always enjoy their stay. We would only recommend TREE TOPS for the young at heart

I want to surprise my spouse and arrive at TREE TOPS without sharing what kind of destination TREE TOPS is. What do you think to avoid any disappointments?
Bad idea. Everybody should know what we are and what we are not before they arrive.

Does TREE TOPS have beach and pool towels?

Is TREE TOPS right on the beach? And do we have an ocean view from our bungalow?
Yes to both questions. No matter where you are on our property you have an ocean view. There is only sand and beach between TREE TOPS and the Pacific Ocean.

Is it safe at TREE TOPS and Zihuatanejo?
Yes, it is safe at TREE TOPS and Zihuatanejo; however, common sense should be exercised as is the case anywhere in the world.

Are there locks on the doors of the bungalows?

Does TREE TOPS have internet service?
Yes, now we do!

Does TREE TOPS have telephones?
No, however, we have a cell phone available for a per minute charge to book excursions, etc.

Does TREE TOPS accept credit cards?
Yes, through PayPal for an additional 5% PayPal fee.

Are there restaurants/bars in the area?
We have our own bar and grill that serves our guests. There are 2 more restaurants around 200 yards away. The food is excellent at both. Playa Larga is a 20-minute walk away with a large selection of beach restaurants, some with pools. Barra de Potosí is a 10-minute bus ride that will cost $1 each way, and also has great restaurants, a beautiful view and a lagoon where you can go kayaking.

How far away are Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa?
Zihuatanejo is 10 minutes away and Ixtapa is 15 minutes away. A taxi will cost around $10-$15 each way and fares go up after midnight. Always ask before you get in how much the fare will be, or let us arrange transportation for you.

Are there mosquitos?
I have never been to a beach yet with zero mosquitos, we are no different. If there are any mosquitos at all, it's usually after sunset for 1-2 hours. We use coils and neem trees that naturally repel all insects. In short, they are not a problem. I would still have some repellent around, just in case.

What type of activities does TREE TOPS have?
Vollyball, frisbee, soccer, paddle ball, horseback riding, ocean kayaks, swimming pool, chess, backgamon, cards, dominos, etc. Other activities in the area are: deep sea fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing, bike tours, kayak tours, golf (2 great courses), tennis, surfing, massages, Mexican fiestas, visit the crocodile sanctuary, sailing trips, party boats at sunset and day trips.
For additional information about local activities please visit

Will we see any of your sea turtles?
We hatch, raise and release turtles year round. We almost always have some babies that we feed and raise for a month. However, when the turtles are ready to be released and conditions are right, we release them regardless of our guests arrival or departure dates. Our efforts with sea turtles are to help re-populate the species, and for that reason the turtles call the shots. We hope the timing is right for you!

Do you have safe deposit boxes available?
No. But we do have a safe available for documents, valuables, etc.

We noticed you are 5 minutes from the airport. Is there any noise from planes?
All arriving flights are not noticeable. Some departing flights are briefly noisy, most are not. The airport's first departing flight is around 11:30 am and the last around 9:00 pm. There are very few flights per day, and it has never been an issue or complaint from any of our guests.

Do you provide free transportation to and from the airport?
No. We will arrange transportation for you. There are a few options: rental car, taxi, or bus. Depending on how many people and how much luggage you have, we will make sugguestions that best fit your needs.

Does TREE TOPS accept pets?

Do the bungalows have electricity & ceiling fans?

Things to bring...

Beach towel
Insect repellent
Small flashlight
Inexpensive camera

See what our customers say:

"What a place! there is no paradise on earth unless it is 'TREE TOPS'. I always say give them more than they pay for and they will come back. That is what you get at 'TREE TOPS'. We loved every minute of our stay and slept like babies. Jeffrey,thank you again for this wonderful spot."
Joe and Eileen Schmid
Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

"Welcome to Paradise!" Joey and Matt, Madison, Wisc.

"Jeffrey, you have a beautiful establishment. Clean and relaxing. Just stopped by for a couple of cold beers!"
The Group from Alaska

"You have to see it to believe it" Colleen from Texas

Ben from Santa Cruz, Ca. says "you haven't seen the last of me!"

"The Most Beautiful, peaceful place on earth! Been going to Ixtapa for 17 years, the next 17 we'll be coming to "Tree Tops". Jeffrey is the Greatest Host! I will miss the place dearly until our return! See you next Year.
Nelson & Charlene McConnell
Ponca City OK.
P.S. Thank you for Everything, So glad we found you!!


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