Jose Azueta statue Zihuatanejo.

by Parkman, Monday, March 13, 2017, 07:38 (804 days ago)

I read lots of comments about the Jose Azueta statue, and the thing that stands out for me is that most of the comments appear to be from people who are not actually Mexican.

I live in Ireland, and people here object to "visitors" who complain about statues to fallen Irish heroes, and rightly so. Why should visitors complain about statues that they probably know nothing about ? They should mind their own business and respect the fact that the statue represents something to local or national sentiment. It is nothing to do with whether visitors like it or not.

I was in Zihuetanejo two weeks ago, for a short holiday, and I went down to the port to look at the statue, and I can tell you that I like it. I think that it should remain where it is because, whether visitors like it or not, it is in respect of a Mexican war and Jose Azueta is a Mexican hero whether visitors like it or not.

Should Britain, for instance, take down monuments of Nelson or the Duke of Wellington, or Churchill just because some visitors from France, Spain or Germany say that they don't like the monuments ? Absolutely not, it is nothing to do with them, in the same way that I wouldn't expect the French to remove statues to Napoleon just because I don't like him.

I see nothing offensive about Azueta's statue, and I hope it remains there permanently, to give Mexican people something to have pride in. God knows, we all need those feelings in todays world.


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