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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, June 16, 2017, 18:15 (466 days ago)

Local residents and businesses at La Ropa have apparently finally gotten the municipal government to agree that tour buses should not be allowed at La Ropa, that their passengers are welcome but the roads are too small for the buses, there's no place for them to really park (and we don't want to destroy more vegetation to build them a parking place) and their weight deteriorates the roads too quickly as well as being noisy with their motors running all day. But apparently a lot of locals who don't live at La Ropa feel quite differently, and I perceive a bit of animosity about the residents and businesses trying to keep La Ropa nice for our more affluent tourists. My mother and I lived at La Ropa. I left there 27 years ago but she left many years later. Nevertheless both of us back then suffered quite a bit from the noise and pollution and other inconveniences caused by the big tour buses and their passengers. I recall many times trying to spend a quiet day at home or being home sick while having a tour bus with its motor running and its fumes wafting in our home all day. It was a big reason why my mother eventually moved to Ixtapa all those years ago.

Personally I think banning tour buses from driving there is a smart move for a lot of reasons. As far as I know in most any other residential area that is also a tourist destination buses drop you off at a bus terminal and you walk or take public transportation to your final destination, whether it's a hotel or a public plaza or some other attraction.

How do you all feel about this issue? Are the residents and business owners making a big ado about nothing, or do you think your stay at La Ropa will be improved by the absence of all the tour buses?

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