by juanrojo @, Friday, September 01, 2017, 00:22 (204 days ago) @ Mork

It's so very sad to hear of locals robbing nests in this day and age.

I realize that it is very much an uphill battle in changing the people's attitudes but swimming in nature with turtles is one of Akumal Mexico's main tourist attractions and they draw around 3000 people a day or a hundred thousand day trippers a year to a village of 1000 people to view 30 or 40 resident turtles. So many people that the fragile eco system is very much at risk but there could be some kind of balance in a big bay like Zihua.

A hundred thousand day trippers for maybe 40 turtles makes each turtle worth quite a bit.

The people have to be educated about what is in their own collective interest but that takes time.

If education won't work then fight dirty and get real and remind the gangs that a lot of that turtle tour business is a cash cow and they already know how to milk a cash cow and how to deal with some punks stealing THEIR turtle eggs for chump change.

Please be happy always

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