Turtle rules - No Profepa enforcement

by juanrojo @, Friday, September 01, 2017, 11:03 (171 days ago) @ Mexalberta

I wasn't suggesting that Akumal Bay's overuse was a good thing in any way but using it as an example of the almost inexhaustible demand and potential value of eco tourism to other places like Zihuatanejo.

In reality there was no closure or any real reduction of use in Akumal Bay last year. There have been many attempts in different ways to limit use but there was almost NO ENFORCEMENT by Profepa and so no ACTUAL reduction in use. This is really because there is a HUGE demand for this type of experience from European and other international tourists. Profepa did issue some fines to blatant tour company abusers but there are hundreds of other providers to take their place and a fairly new resort shoehorned right onto that critical beach for turtle nesting.

In Zihuatanejo across from Lety's restaurant there are 20 to 30 concrete perforated fish attracting structures that have been sitting there for years. They could finally be installed in Zihua Bay and create cover for thousands of fish and yes for turtles too. There are similar perforated concrete bells like the one by the reef wall at Las Gatas that already work wonderfully as cover elsewhere in the bay and simply completing the installation of the already made structures would be a great start.

There are a variety of boat mooring permanent anchors that attract fish right off La Ropa beach and I have seen turtles right off the Rossy Restaurant exploring the anchors for food.

I realize some of the difficulties with money and vision in Zihuatanejo government but you have to start someplace.

Please be happy always

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