Safety in Zihuatanejo

by jodymaryk @, Wednesday, September 06, 2017, 19:47 (658 days ago) @ Paulf

Paulf, that is how I feel about it also here in the Seattle area. Everyday I turn on the local news and there has been drive by shootings and murders. I feel safer in Zihua then I do here. We aren't out late drinking and being stupid, we don't carry much cash on us and definitely don't wear any expensive jewelry (I even leave my wedding band at home and it isn't fancy).
The only issue we ever had was maybe 10 years ago when my husband was heading down to the pier at about 6:30 a.m. to fish and was walking on the walkway along the water from Playa Madera to town although he had been told by a local friend not to do that early in the morning or late at night as banditos were known to hang out there and there is no where to go, rock or water. He was jumped by two young men, forced to lay down, not look at them and they held what he believed to be a knife to the back of his neck. They took the money he had, about 400 peso, cigarettes and a fishing knife. After they left, he stopped at the police station by the basketball court and told them and said they couldn't have cared less. He then went to the pier, told his buddy who owned the boat and who then talked to his friends and other captains on the pier and they felt it was two young men who were known druggies in the area. Unfortunately, there really wasn't anything they could do, especially since he only got a quick glance at them. He was unhurt, except for his pride, and the lesson learned was to walk the street when he goes fishing early in the morning or when we are coming back after dark at night. We have not had any other issues besides that one and it did not stop us from coming down every year, sometimes twice. Love my Zihua!

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