Shell will open its first gas station in Mexico

by HolyMole @, Thursday, September 07, 2017, 15:06 (318 days ago) @ Johnny Briefcase

The first station will open in the State of Mexico and the company estimates it will open up to 2000 more stations over the next 10 years. Is this a good thing for Mexico or not ? ....JB

Well, the model says that competition is a good thing......unless you're in Canada, where gas prices between the 8 or 10 retailers are always the tenth of a cent....within the same locality. For example, gas prices at every station here in our town in southern British Columbia were $1.179 Canadian per liter before Hurricane Harvey. (Yes, that's right - about $3.57 US$/$4.46 C for a US gallon, and an outrageous $5.36 C for the larger Imperial gallon.)
After Harvey, the price jumped to $1.239 overnight.....again, at every station, within 10 minutes of each other.
Our government insists they can't prove price fixing and collusion between the major gasoline companies, when the proof has been staring them right in the face for decades. It's the price, stupid!

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