Humane Compassion

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 10:36 (159 days ago) @ Ottawa Joe

The major news networks were able to get reporters into Florida Ahead of the storm and provide for their Safety which they could not do on the Carribean islands or even the Keys of Florida. No one predicted the earthquake (ok probably some siesmologist did but not accurately) and with such a strength how accessible is the area and can the media provide for their staff? It is the nature of the media business to cover that which is most relative to their viewers. Perhaps someone from Europe or Asia could wade in on this with a non N. American perspective.
I will be in India in January so have been paying more attention on line to the situation there. How about what is going on in Cambodia anyone paying attention to what is happening there?

Actually CNN and the MSM had plenty of warning before the hurricane hit the Leeward islands to strategically locate their people to cover the event, but as you pointed out, and the central complaint my friends and I had, they intentionally ignored them even though U.S. citizens and territories were involved, just like happened with Hugo. Yet Mexican media not only covered all the events in Baja, the Caribbean, Nigeria and India but Florida and Texas and others. Apparently we remain better informed about world events outside the U.S.A. than folks in the States, and that's a damn shame. Mexican media and even CNN en Español were in the earthquake disaster area almost immediately while from what I saw on CNN USA it only got mentioned in passing while the "continuing coverage of Hurricane Irma in Florida" was practically the only thing on. That's why we petitioned CNN USA to be more inclusive in their Caribbean coverage and it looks like they finally got the message.

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