¡Viva Zih!

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, September 15, 2017, 11:31 (369 days ago)

While currently there may not be a lot of enthusiasm in Zihuatanejo for celebrating Día de la Independencia and El Grito de Dolores owing to various factors including the brutal cold-blooded cowardly assassination of our well known chief of traffic police, Roberto Durán, last Monday in plain daylight in the busy intersection of the highway right in front of city hall, there is indeed relief in Zihuatanejo at being spared from the ravages of Hurricane Max, though our neighbors in Petatlán have been hit hard with flooding and the coastal highway was closed this morning due to high water and so authorities in Petatlán could assess the damage. Our local government had already pretty much dropped the ball and dampened enthusiasm this year by only putting up one lonely rather uninspiring decoration at the zócalo and then planning the mayor's 2ndo Informe for the same day as the Grito. Nobody here wants to hear 2 hours of a political speech full of tall tales and cifras alegres that don't jive with reality on a normally festive day, so besides the usual bussed in "client" spectators to artificially inflate attendance numbers, as far as I know none of my neighbors will be attending the event at the ayuntamiento except for those who work there or who have political obligations to be present. The mood has been fairly somber here all week even without all the natural disasters occurring around us and elsewhere.

Nevertheless, we are indeed grateful for what we have including the sacrifices made by our forebears that allowed Mexico to be a sovereign nation, and most people we know are simply toning down their celebrations this year. We expect the large number of hotel workers and other folks from the local work force who mostly are not from here will be out whooping it up at the bars until the wee hours along with some of the tourists expected to show up. And of course there will surely be fireworks going off and scaring the bejeezus out of our dogs. Such is the contrasting social dichotomy of a tourist resort community.

Now here's a happy sight that will cheer most folks up!

After being socked in with clouds for the past several days and having off-and-on sometimes torrential rains during the course of last night, it was a relief to see clear skies move in this morning.

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