Zihua Transit Police

by Pete and Wendy, Friday, September 15, 2017, 19:37 (614 days ago)

After nearly 20 years of visiting the area and now living here, we had our 1st encounter with the Z transit cops yesterday. I made a U-turn on a green light in front of the bus station instead of waiting for the green arrow (my mistake). Immediately got pulled over by the "Transit" car I often see sitting in wait there. He pulled me over, he told me what I did wrong and of course I pleaded my case to no avail. Our Spanish is still in the "aprendiendo" stage but I soon realized he wanted a pay-off to void the stop. $1,200.00 MXN later, I drove off. My question is, he said pay or follow him to the police station. If I had followed him, would I have gotten off cheaper or worse? Thanks for any feedback! I grew up in the land of the "Sopranos" (NJ); so, hoods are second nature to me. But have never been shaken down here yet. And who does control (for a lack of better word)the transit police?

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