La Barra de Potosi, 9-15-2017

by Laura ⌂ @, Sunday, September 17, 2017, 09:19 (372 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

This is correct. As expected, homes that have never before flooded are currently flooding due to the paving done last November. Sometimes it is not fun to say , 'I told you so'. Still the plan continues to further increase the regression which I daresay some fewer people may see as progress at this moment here in the village, especially those with water in their homes at this moment. It's so hard to break out of the formula.

A certain number of additional homes on the street to be paved next (whose foundations were build at ground level like most homes in Barra) can look forward to flooding next year. But who will oppose this plan? During the dry season, visually, it will look more like someone's idea of modern (and therefore giving an impression of progress in some minds). This serves well for photo ops in political campaigns and other benefits associated with the supply chain of Federal projects but we will see increased flooding and people will suffer more than they used to in this regard. Sad that these misapprehensions of 'progress' persist.

Tepetate is not dirt/mud and does not have to be associated with backward non-development. It is made of ground granite mixed with sand. It can be considered state-of-the-art paving for a place in this configuration of location...low lying estuary border. It packs hard and is highly permeable, letting rainwater seep directly to the aquifer for a better controlled flow. It is not muddy or slippery, does not have to have dips and holes if properly maintained and in fact is less inclined to holes as cement which will crack and break (especially without proper infrastructure fo drainage). It does not heat up under the sun and feels good on your feet. In fact, it is commonly used for paving of pathways in high end landscaping. It is cooling.

It only needs to be maintained with proper grading to be a perfect paving material for here. It can be landscaped more easily than concrete of course and the visual aesthetic is limited only by the imagination and care the community can access. In my humble opinion, those who attempted to convince neighbors and the ayuntamiento to reconsider the paving, would rightfully be in a position to say, 'Here's why' about now. That paving is done and past now and I'm filling up the jardineras with flowers along with my neighbors to make the best of it. But the further paving can still be reconsidered and should be at least re-planned to include proper drainage and permeation systems. It's not too late.

hasta pronto,
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