Recyling Center takes glass and everything

by debio @, Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 14:38 (335 days ago) @ Mexalberta

The recycling center (info below) takes glass, bottles, cardboard, paper, metal, of last spring they were still as helpful and eager to take everything...I posted this 3 years ago..(I think the manager has changed though)

I finally got the address to this great place...Aguacate 7, Centro, 40890. They are so organised and helpful. They take plastic, glass, cardboard, paper and metal cans...I'm not sure if I'm missing anything. I believe they open at 8 am and I know the manager said they are open 7 days a week. (maybe they close at 6 pm). The manager's name is Juan Carlos and his phone number is 755 558 9326..and the office is 554 2082 and ask for the area de reciclaje.

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