La Barra de Potosí is now OPEN

by Laura ⌂ @, Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 23:27 (293 days ago) @ islandgirl

The impact of water runoff from the new pavement caused huge pools of water in places they never formed before. In at least three instances that I know of, there was flooding in homes that never flooded before due to this accumulation of water combined with the level of the street being higher then the foundations of the homes and there being no infrastructure for drainage in the street construction. The pools are still sitting there...it's been a few weeks now, so we can guess what that does in terms of mosquitoes. The puddles are not absorbing...just staying there. I never saw this before in the 21 years I've lived in the village. this is all happening on the first blocks. I happen to be lucky. There is a strong declination in the street on my block, heading toward the estuary flood zone. So on our block we had no flooding and no puddles that didnt absorb. When it's raining hard, the street really became a river. To walk on it, you had to wade through about 3 or 4 inches of water. Impressive. That water all went to join the flooded area at the end of the street, where 20 homes were seriously flooded out affecting 120 people who had to vacate their water damaged homes till the lagoon opened again.

Work is currently underway to pave another of our three streets. Will there be accommodation for water permeation and drainage this time - having learned a lesson from last year's construction methodology? I don't even want to go over there and look.

Politicians keep wreaking havoc as a way of increasing their personal wealth as it happens the world over. I loved it when they ignored us here in Barra. Still looks pretty though. People take it in stride. I love my neighbors and the rare and beautiful life we are blessed to live here.

Hasta pronto,
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Barra de Potosi

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