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by MonkeyJenn ⌂, Zihuatanejo, Thursday, September 28, 2017, 18:47 (295 days ago) @ MonkeyJenn

Thanks to everyone for your good wishes, support and participation - we had a great event! We even made front page news in the ABC Zihuatanejo paper on Monday and in El Diario de Zihuatanejo - (some misquoted and misinformation...but any press is good press, right?)

Still sorting through the 14 or so bags of trash collected to get our final tallies (we didn't finish Sunday and all work during the week...soon!). Watch our site and Facebook for updates. We hope this momentum with donations and bags/t-shirt sales will allow us to plan another event soon. We are so grateful for the community support from so many local people, organizations and businesses!

Pictures from our event are up on Facebook and this great video made by our friend/local videographer: Zihro Plastic's First Event

A limited supply of our small Shopping Bags and T-Shirts are still available--please email me if you are interested [t-shirts 100 pesos, med bags 60 pesos, small bags, 50 pesos]

Large bags are sold out - We are hoping to get more made soon as we have the funds.


We are also hoping to begin work on making our seaglass bracelets, but are in need of a drill, or enough donations to purchase one...anyone??

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