Permanent Residency

by Gringo Viejo @, Kansas/Zihuatanejo, Sunday, November 05, 2017, 19:19 (324 days ago) @ Sandy feet

Just went thru this. Went to Mexican Consulate in Kansas City, MO. Had all my bank statements for six months and also proof of income from SS, military retirement and VA disability. These "proof of financial solvency" were printed from the respective websites. Consul looked at them and gave me back the bank statements. I intended to get a Temporary Residence (which has to be renewed in one year and then at the four year point can convert to Permanent). Consul looked at my income and said I qualified for immediate Permanent status, di I want it. I said yes. This was on Tuesday, Sep 26; Consul said to return at 9 a.m. Thursday, Sep 28. I did so and he gave me a stamp in my passport and said to make sure when I came back to Mexico that I would complete the familiar Visa application on the plane but make sure I marked "Other" in item 17(?) and not "Tourist". I made sure I had completed the form properly; I told the Immigration agent at the ZIH booth exactly why I was entering Mexico and that I was seeking Permanent status. No problem.

I then had 30 days to complete the process at the ZIH Immigration Office and went there the week after I got here. No line and took about an hour to complete all the paperwork. Then off to get photos. They give you very clear instructions. Then waited for a few days to return to Immigration (they call you). Went in and finished paperwork and they said to come back in a few days when they called and told me to pick up Permanent Residence ID card. It is good forever. You have to notify Immigration if you change your address, change your marital status, etc. A mere formality.

Did I leave anything out?

Note: It is my understanding that in Kansas City Consulate you need proof of income $1500 a month for Temporary and $2700 a month for Permanent. I read on line this amount can vary from Consul to Consul.

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