So Much To Zih

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, November 30, 2017, 14:40 (574 days ago)

While the tourist season is slowly but surely getting underway, the municipal government unfortunately seems to simply not care. No upkeep or maintenance has been visible along the waterfront. No new benches to replace the old ones (though a broken one was finally removed from the Plaza del Artista). No new garbage bins have been placed on Playa La Madera or the Playa Principal. And what worries me the most, no police have been seen patrolling anywhere. The only thing we've noticed is Fonatur sprucing up its gardens on Ixtapa Boulevard and Paseo de los Viveros, which both look beautiful. And we saw that Fonatur is repairing the Paseo de las Garzas, which needed it. In Zihuatanejo the municipal government replaced the pavement on Benito Juárez street, which didn't need it, and they moved the bus stop at the intersection of Benito Juárez and Avenida Morelos, which has only made traffic worse but which has allowed the municipal government to spend a few million pesos remodeling the small plaza that used to be the bus stop, just in time to skim some money for the upcoming year-long elections (the mayor is running for reelection). Madness!

Lupita and I enjoyed a divine lunch yesterday of fresh local fish at Café Marina aka Joe's Place, next to the basketball court. The meal simply couldn't have been any better! And the fine folks at La Casa Marina always make us feel at home.

We also heard a little bit of Jimi Mamou as we strolled by Daniel's last evening, which of course prompted us to dance our way on down the sidewalk. I don't see how anyone can sit still when Jimi's playing. He's got some mighty fine rhythm! :jam:

Since we had some chores to tend to in Ixtapa this morning, we decided to stop by Deborah's Restaurant for breakfast. We were thrilled to see the place doing a booming business. All Mexicans, and apparently no all-inclusive folks because I didn't see anyone wearing wristbands. The food and service were perfect!

This was yesterday's sunrise. Today's was awfully hazy and we didn't take any photos.

The view during the afternoon from Café Marina.

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