Calling out Labrat

by mcnuttja, Wednesday, January 03, 2018, 10:23 (347 days ago) @ Easy Ed

First I would like to say I am an American, Retired Middle Class, early 60's. My politics are moderate (or they were until my "middle of the road" approach has been redefined by our current Administration. Now they are called very liberal.

The issue being discussed here is one regarding displacement of the truth and ones ability to redefine a fact. Unfortunately, for those of us with a High School education (I barely graduated, so I am no educational heavy-weight), this poses a problem. We learned that it is "normal" to have multiple opinions, but there is only one fact.

People are wanting to redefine the fact based upon their need to create a story supporting their position. Not, just an opinion, but a new truth. Personally, I blame this on "Reality Entertainment/Television". Suggesting what you are seeing is real-life, but actually complete fiction. Much like current politicians of both parties.

Growing-up I read books. These books were either Fiction or Non-Fiction. I was taught to read Fact-Based, Non-Fiction as an individuals opinion of the truth. One that comes to mind is the Grapes of Wrath. A story which is based upon a fact, but the story is "created" to entertain.

Some journalist do add opinion to the facts, creating a story-line that supports their opinion. Which brings me to my point consisting of questions; Why do "we" read and react to things that we know are "stories"? Do we react to feed our need to say that someone else is wrong?

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