A Little Love From Zih

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 14:54 (516 days ago)

It's really good to see all the foreign tourists in town. Much more than the past few years. I'm guessing some new direct flights are helping folks get here. In just the past week it seems like the tourist population in Zihuatanejo has doubled. We see more foreigners than locals on our daily walks along the waterfront.

Lupita has only spent a little less than half of Las Vegas Bob's donation to buy items to complete the school supplies packages she likes to make up. Still got a ways to go! Here's a little guy thrilled with a new donated t-shirt and some colored pencils for his kindergarten class. Yes, that's a smile.

The fishing charters are also doing a brisk business, but not just fishing. More people than ever are chartering pangas and cruisers to try to sight whales. And lots of captains have been learning how to give whale tours without breaking the laws or otherwise upsetting the whales. Really good show!

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