sad but true

by Casa Juan @, Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 21:06 (540 days ago)

today on a drive off the beaten track between Majahua and the Mexican publeo of Las Salidatis on the one lane sandy road that parallels the ocean and crosses a few stream drainage, I looked behind me 10 minutes after driving from Majahua to see three new suv/ pick up vehicles raising clouds of dust pushing for me to get out of the way. After I pulled to the side then briefly resumed traveling in the same direction and the third vehicle ,a newer gray Toyota Tacoma stopped and 5 men wearing bandanas carrying automatic rifles stepped briefly out at some type of community meeting that was underway and shouted at the approximately 30 persons in attendance and drove off. This occurred 1/24/18 approximately midway between Playa Manzanillo and the former Lourdes Restaurant in Saliditas at 12:15 in the afternoon with lots of witnesses. No clue what the masked men were up to that time of day. Obviously they had no concern about crossing paths with any type of law enforcement.

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