IVA refund and airline tax

by HolyMole @, Thursday, March 01, 2018, 09:25 (327 days ago) @ Lawrence

I believe that you can get a refund for the value added tax if you are a tourist but have no idea if this is true or not..Also if you have a permanent residency card you can get the tourist tax on your airline ticket refunded. I have heard that you go to the airline you flew in on and ask about how to recover the fee and what paperwork is required. Anyone dealt with either of these two issues?

Others have replied concerning a refund of the "tourist tax" for those who hold Mexican residency, but I haven't heard of common or garden variety tourists being entitled to a VAT/IVA refund. Since IVA is charged on virtually everything, and none of the restaurants we ever eat in, the shops we frequent, or the places we stay provide receipts, I can't imagine how one would support a request for an IVA refund. Maybe it's aimed at the high-flyers who purchase big ticket crafts, etc.?

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