Guadalajara Bypass

by Talley Ho @, Friday, March 02, 2018, 13:55 (381 days ago) @ suztamasopo

Yes, that is from 15D going north. The southern half was open in March 2017 and was great. The northern part opened in December, we just missed it on our way down.

You literally skip all of Guadalajara! On the western side, you are even beyond the airport.

The Tepic and Mazatlan bypasses have been open for a couple of years and are also great things.

If you are going to California, we'll assume you exit at Sonoyta/Lukeville. If so, message me, the "checkout" facility east of Caborca has closed, and there is a new one closer in. I'll send you a link to a video of the new facility.

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