Day Two........Good

by Paulf @, Mount Sterling, Ky 40353, Saturday, March 03, 2018, 08:57 (18 days ago) @ Labrat

Isn't wonderful working hard doing nothing. The 3 weeks we were at the Grand, most of the guys hung over the infinity pool watching them work below with a backhoe and putting up a wall for the terracing they are doing down the side of the hill. Someone came up with the idea of hanging a flag at the top saying: "TRUMP'S WALL Built + Paid for by MEXICO"
The Foremen loved the sign and the labors that understood did also. Kathie put her picture on Facebook- someone from Pacifica put on Facebook that the sign was done by the owners not realizing not everyone know Pacifica is a Timeshare. A good time had by all. The GM at a dinner we had with the new chefs the last Friday asked Kathie if she knew anything about the sign and she replied she cut up her good pair of black Capri's for TRUMP'S WALL. Everyone at the table had a good laugh.

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