Small Dog Carrier

by Catmando, Tuesday, March 06, 2018, 12:49 (377 days ago) @ Zihuaholic

I have a used one you can purchase. I used it when I moved my cat down. There are many carriers that say they are airline approved, but when I looked in to it, few that actually meet the airlines specifications. I made the modifications to make it airline approved for my 25 pound cat. Alaska Airlines had no problem. Google "Pets on Planes" for clarification. Anyway it is a hard-shell, vented on all sides. All of the sides are labeled "Live Animal" and there are pouches to put documents in etc. It is in Col. El Hujal. Leave a message and I'll give you the information. The carrier has to be large enough for the animal to stand and turn around. My cat is full figured so it should be ok for your dog.

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