Day Five into Six

by Labrat ⌂ @, The Roosterfish Foundation, Tuesday, March 06, 2018, 17:27 (13 days ago)

S2D2 (sameshit different day) then today fished with Adolfo for whatever was biting.

Five hours later the big cooler was filled with 25 Jacks, and there were a handful more in the back0f the boat.
High surf up around Buena Vista kept us out a ways, but tuning lures and presentation made for an Arm Noodling day.

Room service tonight as I am bushed, and Leslie is letting me off of our dinner reservations.

Whales again today.

Yesterday we had a Mother and Calf hanging around the southern point for several hours.
I suspect she was taking a feeding break before pressing north again.

I'm outty.


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