Real Estate trends

by devney @, Thursday, March 08, 2018, 09:40 (276 days ago) @ midalake

I agree that property down here moves a little differently than that in Canada or the states. We have our 1 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath condo for sale in La Madera and haven't lowered our asking price. We spend up to six months a year here and the rest of the time in Vancouver and enjoy both and although we would like to sell the place in Zihua to facilitate the purchase of property on Vancouver Island we won't be "giving" our place away for a quick sale.

Other condo's in our complex that are for sale have not put their places up for "fire sale" either so not sure where you see this trend. It's too nice a place here and we will continue to enjoy coming to Zihua until such time as we sell.

We could easily rent our place out but that's not why we bought it.

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