Life at the Speed of Zih

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, March 26, 2018, 11:04 (543 days ago)

The streets and beaches are filling up with vacationers, mostly large families, having the time of their life. They sure seem to be enjoying themselves, and many of them noticeably appreciate the warmth and friendliness of our community as their faces light up when we greet them, happy to abandon the dour and sullen faces of cool aloofness that city folks often wear. I never tire of seeing the expression on folks' faces as they see the ocean, many for the first time. The kids with their beach toys and inflatables and the parents trying to keep track of everyone and their belongings while navigating our streets. Then at the end of the day and well into the evening comes the return march of thousands of sunburned and worn out beachgoers trying to find their way back to their lodgings, most of them coming from the pier after a long day at Playa Las Gatas.

At peak times like this of course all our deficiencies come to the fore. There are practically no police to watch over everyone, nor are there helpful tourism workers to help orientate folks with maps and information about local events except the time share shills in Ixtapa. The trash in the streets and walkways is a testament to the lack of well-placed garbage receptacles (as well a a lack of education by locals and visitors alike who should be fined by the police for littering until they stop doing so). I know we can do better, but we need more cooperation and altruism from locals and public servants.

Domingo de Ramos en Zihuatanejo

Sportfishing cruisers ready for passengers and a big day at sea.

Garzas y garcetas en el canal "La Boquita" a la altura del socavón que nos tiene muy preocupados.

Hey, there goes my sweetie on Playa La Madera! There's going to be a big event on the beach for Christians later on.

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