Zihuatanejo Free Shore Snorkeling 2018 YouTube video

by juanrojo @, Friday, April 13, 2018, 14:56 (373 days ago)

We were extremely lucky to spend all of the winter in Mexico and most of the time near La Ropa beach in Zihuatanejo. I am an avid snorkeler and spent 2 or three hours a day snorkeling around the rocks between La Ropa and La Madera or more often all along the south shore of the bay between la Ropa and Las Gatas and of course at Las Gatas, both inside and outside the man assisted reef structure. The south shore of the bay does not receive direct sunlight until fairly late in the morning due to surrounding mountains and so there is a huge variety of lighting conditions as you move along through different habitat and you don't have to get up at dawn to get good results. Afternoon snorkels can be as good with tides and random visibility changes. As always our most frequent fellow snorkelers were oystermen harvesting oysters and few others. I had the time to set up temporary stationary filming stations near likely feeding and grooming areas as well as very near octopus and seahorses and eels that we spotted.

We spent the month of November in Akumal, Quintana Roo, which is well known as a snorkel destination. I had fantastic snorkels there. I had different but equally fantastic snorkels in Zihuatanejo, clearly with less clear water, but with huge diversity.

We flew Interjet from Cancun to Zihua for around $100 USD and fellow travelers might keep this sale price in mind for either, purpose built, side trips or as part of one way travel to or from Zih with time in the other town, or not, as best suits your trip.

We came to this board last year wondering about water cameras and got lots of good input. We purchased two Fuji XP-90s in Zihua last year that worked well. We upgraded to Olympus TG-3 and TG-4 cameras this year in full retirement mode. I think those models have been replaced by the TG-5. I brought some cheap selfie sticks that were not designed for ocean use but hung in fairly well with two replacements brought down by friends. The distance between the fish and my considerable bulk that the stick creates allows the fish to relax a bit and even show curiousity as with the octopus sequences near the end of the full 15 minute video that are all cropped from the same longer video. I even bought a three foot piece of 1/4" threaded ready rod to act as a rigid selfie stick to plant in the sand.

We often walked the trail to Las Gatas and then tied our sandals to our swim suits and toured Las Gatas and then snorkeled back to La Ropa. This may sound like a huge swim but when you are seeing cool stuff I can tell you that it is easy with fins, very easy, aerobically, and possibly harder on leg muscles.

It's been an unofficial mission of mine to record the fish and creatures in Zihuatanejo Bay for others to share and hopefully to benefit the local economy by showing ECO tourism potential.

We feed no fish and remove fishing line from rocks and birds and coral and harvest plastic everyday.

I am working on another slideshow type video as well.

The music loop is, Szabo, from Abraxas Pool featuring Neal Schon and some other Santana guys.


Please be happy always

Please be happy always

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