Zihuatanejo Free Shore Snorkeling 2018 YouTube video

by Tere @, Sunday, April 15, 2018, 09:21 (404 days ago) @ juanrojo

Thank you for the video! I, too, love snorkeling. Have you tried Manzanillo? We come by boat because my husband's got a little panga, but I've seen people on the beach who've apparently walked there - maybe from Playa Larga? The rock formations are awesome, and there's a different variety of fish there. Last month at high tide, I swam around a rock I usually can't get to and was surprised by a HUGE lobster coming out from under the rock. I thought his antennae were bicycle handlebars! Apparently I surprised him as well, as he scooted back under the rock faster than I could breathe. Happy Snorkeling!

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