Zih Stormy Season

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, June 14, 2018, 11:22 (342 days ago)

No, not a political reference to the Degenerate-in-Chief, though we can go there if you dare. ;-)

Hurricane Bud has drawn a lot of moisture up behind it from another tropical wave passing over our part of Mexico, and around 1:30 this morning for about an hour we got a taste of things to come with one of those tropical deluges so strong we could barely see across the street, and the stronger gusts of wind were blowing the rain sideways. Sleep was out of the question as we battened down the hatches and prepared for severe flooding, which fortunately didn't happen in our part of town thanks to the storm letting up and reducing itself from a biblical deluge to a nice light rain until just before sunrise. I had to laugh as all the drunks from the open air bars scrambled home on their motonetas screaming foul obscenities the entire way.

Guerrero is still under threat of heavy rainstorms, but it looks like this coming weekend is going to be when the party gets serious, so if you live here and you haven't already done so, consider moving potted plants, outdoor furniture and other loose objects to where they won't bear the brunt of tropical storm force winds. Get ready for a direct hit from a tropical storm. Funners! :-o

As we enjoyed our evening stroll the storm clouds started rolling in. Notice how the fishermen have taken over the area in front of Daniel's Restaurant. The owners are not happy about this since they pay a fee for beach rights.

Apparently the mayor's re-election campaign and related construction projects from which his campaign funding allegedly comes are more important than fixing the failing wall on La Boquita Canal. Of course we'll remember all this when we vote on July 1st, and especially if the canal fails and we suffer property damages. The city didn't even clean the canal this year, and lots of vegetation and trash can be seen all piled up on the right side of the canal in the photo, ready to be washed into the bay.

It seems like the only folks on the city payroll actually earning their keep (though I think they deserve to be paid much more) are the folks who clean the streets and beaches. They work almost non-stop, especially during this time of year, and even then too many of our good citizens leave more trash on the ground than they can possibly manage to keep up with. Several workers can be seen here removing bagged trash from the beach while other citizens go about their morning business.

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