Zih Pueblo de los Milagros

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Sunday, August 12, 2018, 14:18 (193 days ago)

Before being overrun by noisy bars and their rude patrons, Zihuatanejo used to be a place where everyone respected and helped each other. Downtown was like a big garden where families lived. Not only was everyone on a first-name basis but folks addressed each other with nicknames and terms of endearment like Chaparrito and Güerita, and the residents even knew the names of each other's family members if they weren't actually related. It was unthinkable then that anyone would be intentionally disrespectful other than a drunkard, and the bars closed early and the locals collectively shamed anyone who was drunk and disorderly while at the same time making sure they got home to their family to get the care they needed. Being disrespectful to local elders was almost unheard of. Folks were helpful and mutually supportive and charitable. Outsiders were made to feel welcome and at home, which is precisely how and why Zihuatanejo became such a popular vacation destination long before it was an easy destination to get to.

And which is why I believe preserving local culture and restoring peace and harmony are goals worth working for for those of us who live and work here as well as for those wish to reside here for long periods. A community is what you make of it. For evil to prevail it only requires that good people do nothing.

Thanks to many generous people who read this Message Board my lovely wife continues matching needy people with donated glasses. A task which is its own reward for someone like my wife. She wishes to again express her gratitude to all of you as well as to remind folks that she hopes people can continue donating "cheater" or graduated reading glasses as well as school supplies for local children.

One of my wife's happy "customers". The only price recipients must "pay" is to give my wife a smile.

Still just a sleepy fishing village. :-)

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