Throwing Canada under the bus?

by HolyMole, Sunday, September 09, 2018, 18:30 (668 days ago) @ zzztime

You can blame Trudeau and his people for messing this up. I read in the Globe and Mail that Canada tried throwing Mexico under the bus early in the negotiations without involving them. Stupid mistake as this pretty well gave Mexico the right to do the what was best for them instead of working together to get a better deal from the US. From what I know, the Trudeau government is trying to save face trying to salvage a deal and present it as a win-win-win. I think we all know the loser in all of this will be Canada after that stupid stunt of theirs early in the negotiations.

Another Albertan Trudeau-hater? But in the interests of Fox News' motto: "Fair and Balanced" ;-)'s a sort-of Alberta opinion that I like:

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