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I remember your post from earlier this year and based on that post know that you have had a truly heart-breaking experience here in Zihuatanejo/Mexico so I can certainly understand your disillusionment with the whole place. There is also some truth to what you say regarding problems with water, security, etc. Zihuatanejo has a host of issues that it would be nice to see some resolution to. People who come here with their eyes wide open about the fact that Zihuatanejo does not have world class medical care, police, or utilities and has its flaws as does just about any place in the world.

All of that being said, I can't help but feel like the characterization you paint of Zihuatanejo is too strongly negative. In many respects my life here in Zihuatanejo has been better than the one I came from in Seattle. The people of Zihuatanejo have a warmness and openness about them that is second to none in my many travels. The pace of life here is far less stressful. The diversity of natural beauty is extraordinary. The climate, while a little warm for some, is beautiful and really doesn't change much throughout the the years. The local cuisine, with its rich diversity of flavors, makes for daily meals that go far beyond basic sustenance and traverses into the realms of culinary bliss. Basic day to day medical care is competent and affordable.

I realize that all of the above is only my perspective and I can't imagine what you have gone through. No matter where one lives there are things that are going to be imperfect about it. Any place that is worth living is worth living in because the people who live there work at improving it. Each one of us has a responsibility to maintain and build upon what others before us have created if we expect to live in an environment that is pleasant to live in.

In my opinion, Zihuatanejo is a paradise for those who appreciate a warm, biodiverse environment that is complimented by a warm, open and diverse culture. It isn't for a paradise for people who value strict adherence to rules and regulations, or value top notch medical care over all else. Hundreds of thousands of Mexicans live a long and productive life in Zihuatanejo with the medical care and security that exists here. It is also true that many more die than is acceptable for lack of security and top notch medical care. Does that mean that their life was less fulfilling than those who lived in a different environment? My experience says that isn't the case.

Many people around the world don't want to travel to the United States because of the comparatively high homicide rate and gun violence. Each one of us has to decide what our personal paradise looks like and that often changes as our life progresses. I am enjoying the heck out of my life here in Zihuatanejo and feel safe and cared for. As a tourist I enjoyed coming back here for many years, as a resident I am enjoying it even more.

To me these pictures a lot of what makes this place paradise, and I will end my extended monologue here ;-)






Humberto Romero

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