Staying in El Almacén / La Noria neighborhood

by KinCT @, Saturday, October 13, 2018, 16:15 (221 days ago)

We're visiting a little later than usual for us this year, and for a shorter stay, staying at Villas del Pescador the last two weeks in November.

We've only gone to that area for meals at Lety's, Coco Bahia, and Casa Bahia, as well as to go out sailing on Picante. We always walked to Lety's but otherwise have taken cabs.

I see several other restaurants on the map, so I don't think we'll go hungry, but are there other things we shouldn't miss? We like to walk, but due to some medical treatments are a little short on stamina this year. I know there's a small pebble beach somewhere in the area; is it a walk or is it a climb to get there and back?

About getting around - are there cabs roaming around or is it necessary to call one every time? For two weeks there it would be nice to find a "regular" driver because we'll be calling a lot, or is there combi service available? Is the area considered Centro to the airport cabs?

These are just general questions because we're only slightly familiar with that part of town.


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