Bay water quality/safety for swimming

by norcal, Wednesday, October 31, 2018, 16:06 (324 days ago)

I’m looking for recent, preferably quantitative information about water pollution in ZIhuatanejo Bay. We will be travelling to Zihuatanejo in January regardless of what I learn about this topic, however, we might decide to make reservations somewhere with a big pool and avoid swimming in the ocean.

I’ve looked at the “playas” data on the SEMARNAT website and the numbers don’t look bad, but the most recent data is from March 2018. After reading on this site about sewage discharge into the Bay during Tropical Storm Vicente earlier in October I started wondering how much the Bay actually cleans itself out with regular tidal action.

Does anyone know of any other resources that monitor water quality and pollution in the Bay? If there isn’t any actual testing going on, I suppose I’m still interested in hearing “opinions” about water quality and safety for swimming.

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