We did it in June

by ToddJerad @, Wednesday, January 09, 2019, 22:59 (225 days ago) @ Susan G

This is very helpful information. Im pretty well versed now but here’s the thing...

I received another quote of close to 13000 us. this quote is for the shipping to Z from Nogales. I would need to contract s mover to Nogales from Los Angeles. The fee includes the shipper to deal with the border agent , customs, transfer to another 42 ft truck, and shipped to z. I need about 12ft haha. I was told by two shippers that in mexico almost all cross country shipping is done with 42’ trucks. True or not I haven’t found otherwise yet. The large expense is due to size and hard to share bc of Z’s remote location apparently. Opinions on price vs castores? I was confused in your wording if the 400 was for border agent only or shipping with castores. That can’t be for the shipping only right?. To me, 12 plus thousand seems high to get some mid century dining and bedroom furniture , ptgs , two mattresses , three TVs and books down, no? Also would this process be possible if I had paperwork, visa, manaje, all completed prior and wasn’t present in Nogales?

All info greatly appreciated
Tomorrow more calls.

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