Cab Drivers, We live Here

by Talley Ho @, Friday, March 15, 2019, 23:06 (67 days ago)

We live here. Yes, we have a car. Yes, we ride the Combi's regularly.

We drive to places like Bodega Aurerra and Soriana weekly.

We take cabs to the movies, dinner, when we have our hands really full. We have NEVER had a ride that scared us or intimidated us. Very occasionally we will look at each other an call it an "E ticket ride."

We hail our cabs by raising our arms, either in front of our house or on the street wherever we are. We don't need a "favorite" although there is nothing wrong with that.

Just wanted to convey that taxi's are fine and generally do a good job. We use them regularly and hope others will too.

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