Status of tourism?

by breitgarten, Sunday, March 24, 2019, 07:59 (587 days ago)

Just got back from zih and ix
Stayed on Playa Linda and on La ropa.

Last time I was there was almost 10 years ago.
So much has changed!

1.much more hotel capacity
I remember visiting in 2005 around jan
And not being able to get a room.

2. Pollution is more significant now
I saw smog for a few days and could
Smell sewage from the water on La ropa
During mornings and evenings when I
Presume raw sewage is released into the bay

3. People seem angrier. Every hotel or
Restaurant or cabby seemed to want to
Poke their hand in our faces like an
Aggressive jab!!

4.that said still lots of green space in
Zih and still pretty and development
Seems to have stopped

5. With the epic rise of tourism in so
Many other places in Mexico and
Carribb, I wonder if zh and ix will
Reach the heights of 2003 to 2008 again

6. We won't be coming back again maybe ever
We have found our spot in PV... Very safe
And so many different towns. Zih is awesome
But not for us....too much anger and
Entitlement there.

Sorry if I offend. My honest opinion. Out
Of 5 trips over 20 years this is the only
Time I looked forward to leaving.

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