I stand by Rocio

by Marty, Colorado / Ixtapa, Sunday, March 24, 2019, 16:31 (575 days ago) @ Snowbirdy

Betty and I have been going to Rocio for about 15 years now and have some form of work done every year. We find her very professional and much better than the dentists we have had in the USA. After getting a crown done up north and still in pain, I had Rocio look at it and she found it was done incorrectly. She removed the crown, sent it to the lab and re-cemented it.

Lots of people we know here, go to Rocio and like her work.

I ask, Why would a third party get involved and complain about someone they don't even know. What is their alternative motive? It would be like me complaining about a restaurant I have never been to.

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