Cariño por Zih

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, March 29, 2019, 09:31 (573 days ago)

Many years ago one of Zihuatanejo's most beloved transplants, Jorge Bustos Aldana better known as "Kapi" Bustos, said "lo que necesita Zihuatanejo son gobernantes con amor por Zihuatanejo." He knew what he was talking about. He'd seen Zihuatanejo go from having benevolent and altruistic leaders to having greedy and corrupt ones who remained somewhat in the public favor only by being a bit generous with their booty.

Zihuatanejo has for decades suffered from greedy leaders. Politicians and public servants only interested in helping themselves to whatever they could steal, often legally thanks to inflated budgets. In this paradise of impunity they managed to steal a good chunk of just about everything but the bay itself (though they tried). For a while it seemed like each of them ended up with a huge new property at La Madera and/or La Ropa Beach. In recent years they've allegedly used their booty for luxury properties in other places from Troncones and La Saladita to Cancún and Cozumel. But finally we have a mayor from here who, while surely benefitting from some public contracts via his construction company, has demonstrated his dedication to correcting as many errors of the past as he possibly can. This is quite a refreshing change from the past, and family, friends and long-time residents all notice the difference. I imagine some of our repeat visitors do, too. Slowly but surely Zihuatanejo seems to be coming back to life after too many years of neglect. Now if only our former prosperity could be restored. But we're working on it. ;-)

Here's a beautiful view of Playa La Madera and Playa Principal from the Hotel Irma.

One of my favorite morning scenes from our "front yard." Looks like paradise to me!

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