Enjoying Zih Sights

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, August 01, 2019, 12:28 (202 days ago)

Decades ago before the canal to the lagoon was dredged this was a sand-bar beach that you could walk across to get to El Almacén and La Noria. Since being dredged to make Las Salinas deep enough for small craft, many mangroves have sprouted up around the edges of the lagoon and even along the canal changing the nature of the canal and the lagoon at Las Salinas. Now it has more characteristics of a mangrove estuary than simply a part-time lagoon where salt was produced. When I first saw this area the lagoon resembled a huge mud puddle full of insects and animal bones. The market used to along one side of it where Cinco de Mayo now is, and bones from the carved up animals were often tossed out into its shallow water and mud flats where dogs and zopilotes would scavenge them. The lagoon would often dry out completely. After being dredged, since it wasn't developed into a marina as had been the original plan, mangroves have been able to sprout up here. I even brought some mangrove seed pods over from La Ropa's estuary and stuck them in the ground decades ago, though I don't know if they ever grew. I like to think so. This plant in the foreground is a mangrove. Besides building shorelines and protecting them from storms, they are a habitat for all kinds of marine life on shores around the world.

Everyone on the beach marveled at the thunderhead that lit up the eastern sky during yesterday's sunset.

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