COPPER CANYON - Tour Revision!

by Jennifer Bjarnason ⌂ @, Patzcuaro, Friday, August 16, 2019, 02:44 (159 days ago)


We really want to thank everyone for the fabulous feedback about our Copper Canyon tour this November. We have taken your requests into account, thus revising our tour to include the archaeological sites of Paquime and Cuarenta Casas, but also reducing our tour to only 12 nights. This has also dropped the cost to $50,000 Pesos each.

Please drop me an email if you would like more information on this trip! I cannot emphasize enough, how beautiful and powerful this land is - and the tour we have put together is extensive and includes a lot of sites and experiences other tour companies are not offering. Some of these places are also difficult to reach as a solo traveler, due to lack of public transportation. We would be more than happy to go over this tour with you!

Feel free to contact us via email: - or call Jennifer at 1 (778) 585 1882. (This is a Canadian number, though I do also use Whatsapp). Alternately, you can also reach us through Soul of Mexico Tours on Facebook or Instagram!

Warm Wishes,

Jennifer Bjarnason & Arturo Ortiz

TOUR INFORMATION:Please follow the link!

Into Mogollon & Raramuri Lands

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