Med Flight Insurance Carrier ?

by Z MadCity @, Wisconsin, USA, Friday, September 06, 2019, 13:01 (774 days ago)

I've been looking in the archives, some of you have flight insurance in the event of necessary medical evacuation.
Since policies keep changing their options/coverage, my husband and I are shopping for a suitable one for our annual 6 months in Zihua.
May I ask what some of you are using? Eg, I was looking at "Medjet Expat 365" and the fine print says they can choose to not fly into areas deemed 3 or 4 danger by US Dept. of State, which leaves out Zihua, unfortunately.
I did speak to an AirMed agent this morning --they sound like a promising carrier? May I ask for thoughts from any of you willing to share info on this?
As always, thanks to ZihuaRob for this very valuable Board for our dialogue and questions!!

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