⛵️Picante Sailing Agenda for October 13 - 19, 2019! ⛵️

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⛵ Picante Fans! ⛵️
Columbus Day is Monday, and hopefully the controversy over his holiday will be over soon. Columbus may be famous for "discovering" the new world by chartering in unfamiliar waters, so why not come sailing yourself, post your photos sailing on the Picante and become famous yourself on Facebook?? Everyone will forget about Columbus and want to be YOU!

Here is the Picante schedule for the Sunday-Saturday week:


SAIL, SNORKEL & SPINNAKER FLYING ADVENTURE: Only for groups of 20 or more people

Please contact our office directly for more information:
554 26 94 or 554 82 70


- Sandy

For price quotes and reservations (private charters also available!):

By email: Picante@picantecruises.com
Call the office direct, with Ana or Claire at:
Yates del Sol office: (755) 554-2694

Follow us on Twitter: PicanteZihua

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