Thing About Zih

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, October 14, 2019, 13:07 (263 days ago)

Today is another one of those picture perfect postcard days with absolutely ideal weather. So glad to live on the Costa Grande of Guerrero in this magical place called Zihuatanejo. This place fits me like a glove even if a güero like me stands out like a sore thumb. But hey, at least I look good when I'm with my saint of a wife who makes me the luckiest gringo in México!

More English is being heard spoken on our streets and beaches and in local restaurants and cafés as snowbirds continue arriving. Keep'em coming! Locals are so ready for you even if the authorities aren't quite. ;-)

Mondays are slow mornings at the Mercado de los Pescadores, but here's a scene from Friday morning when the place was a-bustling.

The work on the pier continues to progress slowly but surely. They were getting ready to move the Flexifloat with the crane aboard this morning.

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