Scotiabank woes

by midalake @, Sunday, November 10, 2019, 10:42 (204 days ago) @ Roberto!

A number of years ago we were quite pleased to see a Scotiabank branch here in Zihuatanejo.
Today? Not so much.
For the past week we've made numerous forays to the branch to use the ATM, only to find it out of order. It was suggested to us that we use the Scotiabank ATM at Sorianas, however, an acquaintance tried that and was rewarded by having their card "eaten" by the ATM which then required a spate of calls to have the card cancelled.
Needless to say we weren't going to attempt Scotiabank fate with our Scotiabank card and trundled over to Banorte to use their ATM which tacked on a 47 peso charge - a service charge we didn't pay at Scotiabank - but at least we got our funds.
Another annoying practice with Scotiabank was after we couldn't use the ATM, we attempted to exchange US dollars to pesos and they wouldn't do it even though we were Scotiabank customers. Fortunately there was a bank customer who had an account in the branch and she kindly got the US dollars exchanged for us.
I plan to contact Scotiabank Head Office on our return and see what can be accomplished, but quite frankly doubt much will change.

I think you were lucky to be charged only 47 pesos for the transaction. I believe the new rate is over 60 pesos allowed to be charged. What is everyone else seeing? I know we paid over 60 pesos in August.


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