Whale event

by Laurel Patrick, Wednesday, January 12, 2011, 22:43 (3972 days ago)

Greetings All,
El Refugio de Potosi is having a gathering in honor of our sperm whale.
Please mark your calendar for Jan 23 2011. 10:30 AM - 4:30PM
Activities include contests, raffles, music, art, food (yes more than last year), a chance to meet new people, presentations. See the whale plan we have devised.
El Refugio is custodian to the ONLY sperm whale on display in Mexico. At 18 meters, it seems to be the largest on exhibit in the world. Please join the project to repair, assemble, and suspend the skeleton of the largest mammal on earth.
We are seeking Bone Godfathers. This is your chance to own a sperm whale bone. Sponsor your favorite bone. You will receive a certificate, a bone map, and at the end of the assembly project, your name affixed to the project. (Your sponsorship may qualify as a US charitable donation for tax purposes.)
Please bring others that share an interest in the work we are doing.
IF you would like a flier please send me a personal email at laurel@elrefugiodepotosi.org. I have been unable to attach one to this message.
Laurel Patrick

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