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I am likely going to be looking for a LG OLED ("Organic Light Emitting Diode";) TV. I have a feeling that Sams Club probably doesn't carry these- because they are a bit pricey. Here in California Best Buy has a nice selection of these. Is there a "high-end" electronics store that might carry a selection?
Or possibly I might need to go to bigger city (Morelia, Mexico City)?
Or order online?- Mercado Libre, Amazon, etc?

Thank you

Definitely Sam's. In the store here

OK...I'll check when I'm down

The problem will be receiving a broadcast that will be worth the cost of such an exotic TV. I don't know that there is a way to receive 4K and UHD. 1080p and HD is the best I am aware of here. Plus you will need a VPN to access streaming services in the US. Some of the streaming services are getting pretty savvy when it comes to VPN use. For instance YouTube TV requires that location information be activated on all your devices; then you are blocked. Sony VUE was great but just discontinued service at the end of this month. I have switched to HULU and it is working so far. Netflix is no problem but if you want the Networks with live TV HULU is the way to go.

Check out Sabai Technology in Greenville, SC. They have a great selection of routers with Strong VPN pre-loaded. I have been using that combination for 8 years in Mexico.

Oh my...very good info!
I usually don't mind paying up a little to future proof. But then it's always a trade-off as to when to buy because by the time networks and services are streaming in UHD, the cost of the TV might be half what it is today. I try to download the best quality source material and find the best streaming services. I guess you could say it's a bit of a technological fetish I have.
But I will consider your input before I make my purchase.
Thank you

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