Taxi from airport to La Ropa?

by mexicoman @, Puerto Vallarta, Saturday, January 11, 2020, 14:24 (377 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Our daughter recently spent 2 nights there for a special occasion. Beer $8.00 US. She said the food was incredible and given the quality they would have spent much more in the States.

Not my cup of tea but they are young and having fun.

Maybe it's me, but for 8 bucks a beer I'd walk over to the Oxxo and grab a six-pack of Cerveza Indio, Bohemia or Tecate and a bag of peanuts or chips, and plant myself on the beach away from the Thompson and see who wants to party. Those prices are abusive.

I eat mostly home-cooked food, and every day I've been here for the past 30 years has been incredible and the food the best I've ever had, each and every day.

My sentiments exactly! We pull our beach cart with chairs, umbrella and cooler down the beach and plant ourselves for the afternoon. My wife cooks most days (3 times) with creative and varied menus.

I was merely answering the ladies' question regarding the price of a beer at such an expensive resort. Our kids who were celebrating a 50th birthday had a great time. And having lived in San Francisco for 20 years know something about gourmet food. They were impressed.

Yesterday we had lunch at Los Braseros on Ejido. Fish tacos (large) Baja style(battered deep fried) 119 pesos, chile relleno (cheese) 96 pesos, guacamole 59 pesos. Perfect and budget friendly. A couple of Modelo Negra Especial - 35 pesos each. A little more than OXXO but they chilled, opened and brought them to our table.

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