Taxi Rates

by mexicoman @, Puerto Vallarta, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 11:04 (407 days ago) @ Timmac

Love that holier than thou club that look down their nose at anyone who tips less than 20%. 10% is customary. You do you. I'll do me. This isn't Canada or the US

Since you are so concerned that Zihuatanejo is "not Mexico or the US," , my understaanding is that the "customary" amount is "0." Local folks only tip when an extra service is provided, for example helping with luggage, bags, etc.

You sir are absolutely right. I have lived in 4 cities in Mexico over the last 8 years and the rate is the rate. Helping with groceries, luggage, etc., is where a tip becomes involved.

However 300 pesos a day for the car plus gas; it takes a lot of 35 peso rides to make any money. Many of them drive from 7 am to midnight.

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