Checked Baggage Fees at Alaska

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 17:50 (287 days ago) @ Ironwood

I know the first checked bag is US$ 30. and the second is $50., but does anyone know how much in pesos? I don’t want to bring a whole lot of pesos back to US, but I want enough on hand. It’s true I have to pay in pesos.. can’t use my Alaska credit card? (Which seems ridiculous since I’m flying Alaska). Thank you for your help.

If the flight originates in Mexico and they charge you for your first piece of luggage the airline is in violation of Mexican federal law and will be fined by the federal government if you report them to PROFECO.

Profeco multa a aerolíneas por cobros a la primera maleta de los pasajeros

My Spanish isn't good enough to extract the gist....it's Mexican law that if the flight originates in Mexico, the airline can't charge a fee for the first checked bag? "Originates in Mexico" would cover every flight leaving from any airport in Mexico, wouldn't it?
Last year, WestJet charged us for our 1 checked bag on a Zihua-Calgary flight, which wasn't unexpected. What angered me was that the charge was in US$. What the hell? A Canadian airline, flying direct to Canada from Mexico, has the nerve to charge US bloody dollars.

:megusta: I hear dat!

And worse is a Canadian airline charging U.S. dollars in Mexico to a Canadian. Surely some bean counter had a good laugh when they made that rule.

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